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 "Chipper Dove", the band, the story 
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The History of Chipper Dove
Part I

The original band as see in the above photo were (from L-R) Jack Reustle, Drums; Craig Dragotta, Guitar; Freddie Locke, Vocals and Michael Evans, Bass.

"Chipper Dove" formerly "Lynex" took the name while in the middle of recording their first CD at Big Blue Meenie Studios for Black Pumkpin. With the changing music that developed in the studio, they felt the name should change as well. So by the end of the recording of their first CD "Power's On", Chipper Dove was born.

The band played in many venues to try to promote their new CD. Some of those venues included the Cove, Loretta's, Connections, CBGB's, The Rat Pack, Images, Orphan Annie's and Love Sexy's to name a few. They have had entertainment articals written about them in local and entertainment papers. They were not really sure where they were headed, but they hoped that they were on their way to some place.

When the CD was completed, it contained twelve tunes that were writen and performed by "Chipper Dove". It was a highly charged CD. The Aquarian called it "Chipper Dove own cool rock sound". Of course, the guys didn't know what that meant. They thought they were Rock and Metal.


The History of Chipper Dove
Part II

Changes started to happen to the Dove. Still relying on their day jobs to make the mortgage, jobs started closing down forcing Jack Reustle to work further North West Jersey, and Michael Evans to leave the state completely, relocating in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Still determined to keep things together, Jack still booked the band as often as he could, and Michael drove for hours up and down the coast to make show dates or to go into the studio. He became married to the road.

They had just finished a show in Flemington, NJ when Michael's back, which was injured a few years prior, finally gave out. He knew in his heart of hearts that he was going to be out of it for some time. But time couldn't wait and neither could the Dove.


Nick Scarano (pictured above) was brought in to Chipper Dove after Michael had spine surgery in Virginia. Nick took the roll of bass guitarist, giving birth to generation 2 of Chipper Dove.

The band continued to play venues like Baggot's Inn, Stone Pony, Connections and The Cove, and even made a music video of "When the Weekend Comes" while Michael dove deep into writing his own type of music. Knowing that the long road trips were done, he started performing in the Virginia Beach area while Chipper Dove continued to work the NY and NJ scenes.

But there was still trouble brewing. The sound was going away. The same old songs were becoming tired old song and the only way to keep it alive was to add new music.

The band added a couple cover tunes to their show, trouble was already a foot. Freddie was working vocals in another band besides the Dove and Craig was looking into other avenues as well.

The History of Chipper Dove
Part III

As hard times struck the band, and getting work was becoming a task for Jack. It seemed that the demand was for a stronger mix of original and cover music. Craig soon started looking at other bands to jump into. Freddie was already there. Nick started to fade out of the picture almost as if he went into hiding. 

Jack picked up the phone and called Michael in Virginia and announced that it was over. The band was finished. Jack had mentioned that Craig and Freddie were no longer interested. Michael told jack to find Nick and we'll try to pick up the pieces and reform. So the following weekend, Jack, Michael and Nick were back in Pearl Studio's in Jersey City, running over some old and new songs. The next couple of weeks, Michael and Jack got together to rehearse, but Nick never showed up. He was done.

Jack put an ad in the local paper for a lead guitarist and got two calls. One was Hector and the other was Dave Bandinelli. They both came to rehearsal and they both sounded great. So Jack selected them both. This would be Chipper Dove the 3rd. Third version of the band that is.


Pictured above are from left to right,
Michael Evans, Jack Reustle, Hector and Dave Bandinelli.

The History of Chipper Dove
Part IV

Chipper Dove was getting back on its feet. Soon there after, Michael asked Jack to try to find another bass guitarist and a singer, and if Jack didn't mind, Michael would be a fill in performer. At this point, the constant trips up and down the Eastern coast was not only wearing his vehicle down, but him as well, not to mention his day job. 

Jack told him it was ok, but he still wanted Mikie as a part of the Dove. Jack always called Michael, Mikie. So Jack reached out again and picked up a singer named Rene Avila, and Ruben Morales, who took over as bass player for Chipper Dove.

After getting their show put together, their first performance came at a street carnival in Jersey City for St Ann's. The fourth version of Chipper Dove was booked. Jack had everything he needed. Just needed to do one more thing. Call Mikie. Jack called Michael in Virginia and told him about the show and asked him to play. So on the day of the show, Michael loaded up his guitar, and headed back to Jersey.


(from left to right) Dave Bandinelli on guitar; Michael Evans, behind Dave, on guitar; Rene Avila on vocals; Jack Reustle in the back on Drums; Ruben Morales on bass; and Hector, also on guitar.
The band now started to think about a second CD project and set their sites on some new tunes. But on the same note, they wanted to take some of the tunes from the first CD and re-recorded them to make them a sort of ‘up to date’ make over. They were going to sell these CD at shows and wanted to add the original tunes they had been playing to the CD. No harm, no foul. A new sound, a new taste, but with one small change. Hector decided to move on to another band. 

Once again, Jack reaches out to find another guitarist. That’s when Joe Grano joined the band.

The History of Chipper Dove
Part V

With Joe in the band, the sound of the Dove was full again. So what was the next move? Simple, Jack and the guys were composing new stuff and were ready to make a new CD. This one would mix up some old Chipper Dove tunes with some new ones. So the project starts at Music Machine Studio in Hackensack, NJ. Chipper Dove always did their best work in the privacy of a studio. Oh wait, did I mention that Jack had to make another phone call? Yes, he called his friend Mikie in Virginia and asked him to make that trip again back up to NJ to put some tracks down on the new CD, oh and he told him to bring his Sitar. Michael did just that, loaded the Sitar in his car and started out for NJ for Jack and the Dove.


(from left to right) Rene Avila, Jack Reustle, Joe Grano, Dave Bandinelli and Ruben Morales.

Liz, Jack's wife, was wondering all over the studio shooting some great shots of the guys while they were working. Once the band took a break, she formed them up for a band photo. She wanted Michael in the picture, but he stayed out of the band pictures because he felt that the main band should be featured and he was only a part time performer with the Dove now. But Liz did get a great shot of him on the Sitar.(Photo Below)


 More on "Chipper Dove" to come soon!!!


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