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We thank you for your efforts, but please be careful out there. -- S.E. Staff

The Staff

Who are we? The staff of SmellyEgg is still a very small one, originally based out of Bayonne, New Jersey, but it's starting to expand as we speak even now. Our art department has been working hard with other staff members to update and get SmellyEgg running as smooth as we can. (we all have day jobs). We are working on some new projects and things all the time, and have even thought about our own indie record label. We may have had one too many that day, but more on that thought at a later date. Mean while, we hope you enjoy this site.

Our Staff is as follows:

Marc Edwards -- Promos
Julian Nelson -- Art Director
Alan Karl -- Spotter of Kewl stuff
Mick Ellis -- SmellyEgg UK Web Master
(if that ever gets back up and running)
Brian -- He just does stuff!
John -- The Mail Man
Robert -- The Mayo Man
J. Michael -- The Boss of it all

Sad note, Danny, The Screechin' Rican :<) --
our Latin Interpreter, passed away. He was truly a great friend.
now the legal stuff, again!!!

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