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"The Wag's" CDs featuring their great new music to include some fantastic acoustic work can be found at Be sure to visit their site and sample their latest music and CDs. Always headlining shows themselves, and opening for many great acts like Peter Tork (formerly of the Monkees), John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band, and Rick Springfield to name a few. Even the "Boss" has joined them on stage.

Check out their CD, "Returning Traveler", at ""!!!

"here" for up coming shows and locations to see 'The Wag' Live!!!

"thepedestrians" are also a favorite on SmellyEgg. Their CDs have now been made available thanks to musician Rob Smith and Sarm Studios.

We hope to get more information from "thepedestrians" soon!!!

Add one part irreverent punk personality (front-man extraordinary, Mike Wise), one part maniacal guitarist (Todd Sensenich), two parts dream rhythm section (Leon Karpovich and Wade Corbin) and what do you get? One hell of a rock and roll ass-whoopin' you won't soon forget!

Click "here" for up coming shows and locations to see 'Emily's Toybox' Live!!!

Only the BEST from SmellyEgg

Welcome to Smelly Egg Productions. I'm Michael Evans. I created Smelly Egg to promote my music and projects with my band "Perish." That was the original idea.

The other purpose for this site is to help guide other New Talent towards the right direction by creating a place where new act's can be exposed!!!

We have the finest artist of Smelly Egg featured on our "Featured Artist Links" page. Groups like "Leon" the #1 band from North Wales, one of New Jersey's top bands, "The Wag", and from England, "the Pedestrians". These, along with other fantastic musicians are the up and coming stars of today and tomorrow. They include bands that are working their way to the top or working just for the entertainment of it all. Give these fine artist a chance by having a look to see what they are all about. And as always, they would love your support, so please have a look at some of the CD's they have put together. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Michael Evans
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The video below is dedicated to the memory of my dear friend, Sixto (Danny) Soler. I hope you watch and enjoy it.
Norwegian Wood (Cover) performed by Michael Evans


J. Michael Evans CEO

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Michael's old band, "Wieler"
featuring Lonnie Helton: guitar, John Wieler: drums, and Michael Evans: bass guitar

The Hottest Bands and Entertainers List

The Wag from NJ
Emily's Toy Box from PA
Susan Ruth from Washington State
Cynthia Quehe from Canada

Be sure to stop by often and check out the best musicians of tomorrow, today.

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